Ken Tucker


The title of the review, Capitalist Tools, is spot on with what Ken Tucker talks about in his analysis of the documentary. Ken Tucker is in love with the documentary and its ability to show how some of the wealthiest, most powerful men and woman in the world are no more intelligent than the people who clean their over priced bathrooms. Ken Tucker is appreciative for the documentary in that he claims it reminded the country about how Enron was the cause of the rolling blackouts in our country yet somehow they were the ones who profited the most, a very confusing concept indeed. Another tactic that Tucker enjoyed about the film was how Alex Gibney, the film’s director, uses audiotapes and news clips of chief executives Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, and Andy Fastow to show how arrogant and evil they really were. Ken Tucker views the documentary just for what it is in that it is a story of how a group of corrupt men ruined the lives on thousands of innocent people so that they could become unimaginably rich. In my opinion this is a very accurate view of the documentary and I agree with this review solely because it was made to create these types of thoughts. He supports the way that the documentary was made and his review seems to be aimed at pushing people to see the film. A good review can be viewed not giving helpful information because the jist of it to just go see the film, but in this case it is all the information you need.