Roger Ebert

Kenneth Lay

Roger Ebert does not explicitly state if he thinks Alex Gibney did a good job with the documentary or not, but he does go into great detail on how no matter what views a person has on life, he or she should be upset after watching this and seeing this type of deceit. The best part of Ebert’s review is that he does not even view this film as a documentary but rather a “crime story” (Ebert). Ebert had the most one of the more compelling reviews because he goes further into detail than others and writes with a sense of passion that shows the reader that he means what he is saying. In this case Ebert claims that a person should be mad when they watch this documentary and thus he displays a sense of anger when explaining the events that the documentary goes over. The passion that Ebert writes with allows him to connect with his readers more and thus have more of an effect on them than other writers. This particular review helps someone who has viewed the documentary or has not viewed the documentary because it allows a person to connect emotionally to the particular situations that the documentary explores.