Performing in the Industry

Another important paper that I found was Performing Finance: The Industry, the Media and Its Image because it takes the financial aspect of the Enron scandal and all of the hard core facts, and mashes that with the media and film aspects and the affects they have on each other. This paper dives into how the media portrays different financial downfalls in our nation and helps to explain how the media affects the way that certain things are viewed in the world. In this paper a quote that stood out was when Adam Tickell said that “the deepening connection between the media and international finance has been complicated by another element: the size and composition of the audience” (Tickell). This quote stands out because it drives home the point that the documentary brings in a whole new audience of viewers than the book or any magazine article could have brought it. This brings together the entire argument of why the documentary was made and what its purpose was, and that was to bring out a new audience and explain the story in a new, dramatized setting to further drive the point across. This was a very interesting article for me because media portrayals are so important and in my opinion very fun to learn about. This documentary. just like any other form of entertainment, was meant to gain the largest possible audience that it could and thus make a statement. The documentary cannot just be cut and dry facts or else it would not bring the audience necessary, or if it did they would not feel the film. Enron uses theatrical techniques to grab an audience and make them talk.