Jeff Skilling Interogation

Jeff Skilling Clip

This particular scene from the Enron documentary is special because it explains how even the president, or former president at this time, could not even answer simple questions about his own company. Even in the interogation process he was unable to give sound answers to the man who was questioning him. Throughout the entire scene and pretty much the entrie documentary there was never an answer to the question "how does Enron make its money?" It is an energy company therefore the answer should have been through the cost of energy being sold and other things along those lines, but the real answer to the question was illegal and thus Skilling could not say it in a court room. The truth is it does not matter that he is not an accountant, because he is the president he should be able to answer or find the answer to the questions being presented and if not then he has to accept what is reported. In some of the other clips I will discuss symbolism and other representations of different clips but there is nothing to symbolize here. The clip is straight forward and just makes a viewer say "wow" at how bad this whole thing really was. The documentaries ability to have scenes like this as well as symbolic moments attributes to its success.