Opening Scenes Symbolism

Opening Scene of Enron

This episode sets the scene for what is going to happen in the entire documentary because it is the opening scene where a man is constantly asking "what's he building in there?" while the camera shows the extravagant buildings and city skyline that the Enron men built and claimed. This is one of the best opening scenes in history because it sets the tone for what is going to happen in the rest of the documentary. The argument is created by the visual aspects of the scene meshing with what the man in the background in saying. What assists the viewable and narrative aspects of the scene is the sound in the background when everyone else is silent. The music is music that creates a sense of confusion and question which makes the viewer feel more involved in the story than they would if there was just silence during the viewing of the city. The opening scene creates the argument by showing what the men of Enron created and also a narrator explaining how Enron built their company in sixteen years and watched in fall in 24 days. The argument that is created in the opening scene is a simple question of how? How did these men gain these massive building so much money when they did the things that they did? Also, why did they do the things that they did if they could have gained all of these amenities legally? What the opening scene does is uses cinematography in its jump cuts from the immense city skyline to the writers and reporters explaining how and why the company collapsed whilst also using the aspect of sound to bring the viewer closer to the story.