Death and Destruction

A source that I have chosen to help pull my argument about the Enron documentary together is Death-Driven Futures, or You Can't Spell Deconstruction without Enron. This particular article goes deeper into the documentary itself instead of just talking about how and what happened during the scandal. In the opening paragraph of the article Karyn Ball explains a particular scene in the documentary in saying, “Muckleroy's flight is dramatized by a shot of a flying plane (not the plane); a reference to "black magic" is duly concretized by a magician pulling a rabbit out of a top hat (in a subsequent shot, the rabbit wriggles its nose at the camera); and 'betting' with energy is adjoined to images of a spinning roulette wheel and dice being rolled across a casino table” (Ball). The dramatization described is a very loaded quote in that it gives great detail of what is actually happening in the scene and also what the events are symbolizing. This is exactly what the documentary is set out to do, dramatize the seriousness of the Enron scandal to allow viewers to not only better understand what happened, but also give the viewer a more emotional response than reading about it in a book or magazine. This article goes into describing how the documentary explains the events and gives the people who want to learn about Enron a visual representation of what happened. This source was important because it helped to explain one of my central themes on why the documentary was so important and that is because of the visual representaions that it gives whilst also telling the story.