The Power Play

A source that states a great argument and gives hard facts and claims on the Enron scandal is Enron Saga: Power Play: A Study of the Enron Project by Abhay Mehta. This journal entree dives into the issues that Enron faced while also being very harsh when talking about how the only ones who were not experiences issues and great strife were the ones running the company. This particular article helps to open up this particular essay by giving background on what the Enron scandal was and why it was worthy to create a harsh documentary on. Abhay Mehta opens up her article by stating Enron as something that "will be remembered and commented upon for generations as an ill conceived, hastily approved projects which reduced the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) to penury and cast and unsustainable burden on MSEB consumers" (Mehta). This is a loaded statement and it connects to the documentary in that the film takes statements such as these and dramatizes them to allow viewers to get a true deep feeling of what actually went on in the scandal and how it affected so many people. This article is very important because it related the Enron Saga to the rest of the world in that the ones who are causing problems are most always the ones living the good life. In this particular situation the bad guys fell from glory but in so many other situations the bad guys run the world.